Monday, August 31, 2015

Alice's Baby Blessing

In our church, we give babies a "baby blessing". This is basically just a time to give the baby a name and a little blessing as they are new to this world. It is not a christening or baptism. It is a sweet little moment and Tyler gave her a lovely blessing. It does not really matter what they wear but I had some baby clothes of my grandma's that I repaired and thought it would be special for Alice to be blessed in them. 

 We picked the name Alice mostly because it fit her so well when we saw her. We also like "Alice in Wonderland", and the name Alice is all over in several books, including Harry Potter. We picked Juliet for both of our families. Tyler's grandpa's name is Julius and Tyler has an aunt Julie. I have a great grandma Julia, a great aunt Julie and a cousin Julie. So we wanted to incorporate some form of Julia/Julie/Julius into her middle name and Juliet fit well with Alice. I really love the name Alice Juliet.

 These are shoes that were mine as a baby!

 Alice kept sticking her tongue out because of the wind possibly.
This picture is my favorite! 

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  1. She looks so sweet and perfect! Was Cedric blessed the same time? If so, that's awesome! That picture of your parents and the kids is hilarious, we miss Elanor's cute face!