Wednesday, November 4, 2015

7 Months

I feel like these past couple months have flown by! I love, love, love babies and am really loving mine. She has grown up so much this month.
Just look at that posture!

 She was sitting up at six months and is pretty much a pro at it now. She scoots and rolls around, and also turns circles on her tummy (like a clock hand). She is getting much stronger and I predict she will be crawling within the next month or so.
 She still rather prefers me to anyone else (as it should be), but is much better about not crying when other people hold her. When she is in a new place, or even a place she has been, she takes some time to warm up to people and mostly observes and has a very serious expression. Once Alice warms up, she is all smiles! She has also started getting excited when Tyler comes home, which is so cute!

 Alice lights up so much when Elanor plays with her. Alice is also extremely patient with Elanor and only cries if she believes herself in real danger. I obviously watch Elanor very close (Elanor just loves her so much, so I have to remind her to not smother Alice with love).

As with most babies, Alice loves being outside. She also really loves animals and gets so excited when she sees a dog or cat.

 Alice is now sleeping through the night!!! I will write more on this in another post, but if your baby has trouble sleeping or napping I recommend The Sleepeasy Solution.

 Alice loves to eat and will eat anything! Her favorite is probably avocados, but she does seems to really enjoy soup broth as well. Alice is getting that pincher thing down and has started getting food in her mouth herself. She seems to be quite a dainty eater and tries to be very careful about getting food to her mouth.
 She is also pretty funny and likes to make us laugh with faces like these or funny noises. (She is doing this face on purpose.)

It is so fun to get to know Alice and figure out her personality. She is quite a bit different from our crazy, social, fun-loving, deep feeling Elanor. Alice seems quite calm, quiet and observant. She does however let you know when she is tired or upset in a pretty big way. Alice needs time to adjust to different places and people and is pretty dependent on me and needs me close. She likes to make us laugh, but does not seem to be an attention-seeker (being an attention-seeker is not a bad thing--being one myself as a child--so is Elanor). Alice also really enjoys music and dancing. She has the greatest smile and brings so much joy to our little family. 

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