Monday, November 23, 2015

The Weekly Photo (s)

I got behind again! There has been a lot going on and I have started on some posts, but never got around to finishing them. I also cannot get this Syrian refugee crisis/Paris bombings/ISIS stuff out of my head. My heart hurts so much for the refugees and I want to help. I am also so infuriated that U.S. governors (half of them) will not let refugees into their states (even though the immigration process is very thorough and safe). Plus, the U.S. is hardly accepting any refugees and the small amount that Obama wants to bring in, has crazy right-wingers up in arms about it. I just don't understand how people can be so un-feeling and anti-human. It has been troubling me greatly. 

This week is Thanksgiving and I feel very blessed and lucky to be where I am. Running for my life with my husband and little girls, with hardly any food or water, sleeping wherever and having nightmares of the horrors we've seen would be a very grim situation. While I am grateful for what I have here, I am so extremely sorry for these Syrian refugees and I want to help. What can I do?

My brother is on his mission for the LDS church in Sweden. He is right in the midst of it, with refugees streaming into Europe for sanctuary. His missionary letters are wonderful and his pictures beautiful. You should really consider hopping on over there.

Here are some Weekly Photos and hopefully I will write again soon.

For November 2:

November 16th:

November 23rd:

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