Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Weekly Photo (s)

I have pretty much been the worst blogger ever. I missed Elanor's birthday, all of the Christmas season, Alice's 9 month update (though I will still do that), and a bunch of Weekly Photos. Ugh. Life. I've been busy and living and enjoying life, so I suppose that is as good an excuse as I have. 

Should have been posted December 14th:
Happy 5th Birthday Elanor!
We celebrated with a Princess and the Frog party with friends, then out to eat for fish and chips with family, and then a Frozen themed party with Tyler's family!

Should have been posted December 21st:

This is probably one of my most favorite pictures ever...and it was taken on my phone (by my sister). 

Should have been posted December 28th:


The Nativity.

The girls with Mema and Papa on Christmas Day!

Should have been posted on January 4th:

 Zoo lights!

Should have been posted on January 11th:

 For January 18th:

 Elanor, Tyler and Alice have been sick all week. This was her at the beginning of the sickness. It has just gotten worse, so we are off to the doctor tomorrow. Poor little girl.

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  1. These are heart throbbing photos. I totally loved them. These reminded me of my daughter’s first birthday. We had hosted a grand party to celebrate her special day and had booked one of popular party venues in Chicago. Everything appreciated me for my efforts.