Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pumpkin Patch 2016

We went to the most beautiful pumpkin patch this past weekend. Just look at it:
 When I drive out to Sandy from Corbett, I take country roads all the way there (a seriously beautiful drive if you have never done it) and I had seen a small sign for a pumpkin patch on one of my drives. I decided I would really like to go to that patch this year. While more big/festival type pumpkin patches are fun, I prefer to go and actually pick my pumpkin in a patch with rain boots in all the mud. Also, no one but our family was there. Plus, the scenery was just top notch.
 I took quite a few photos because it was so beautiful, the cutest kids were the subjects and the lighting was pretty good. So, forgive me if I indulge in uploading too many photos.
Just look at little Cedric. 

 In an effort to get the babies to stay in one place to take a photo of them all, Elanor decided to play ring-around-the-rosies, which did keep them all in the same place, but not exactly looking. I actually, really love this photo of the three of them.

We tried to get some pictures in a wheel barrow, but no one ever looked at the same time. I still love the candidness of these photos and there are some great expressions pictured. Also, Cedric really could not keep his eyes off the pumpkins. I did not edit these pictures to be this color, they just came out this way. I really like the fall-like feel it gives the photos.

And the lighting must have changed for this one (and several others, I only added this one.) Weird, right?

A family picture!

There was a mini corn maze, which was mostly just paths through the corn stalks, with some "spooky" signs, but it was still fun! This spot was just so gorgeous and these photos do not do it justice, but it was my favorite pumpkin patch experience yet--and I sure love pumpkin patches.

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