Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Weekly Photos

This blog really is plenty of nothing. I have been really busy and still am, but I figured it had been so long, and made myself get on the computer today and do this. We have had Elanor's birthday (she's 6 now!) , had Christmas, I'm directing the play Secret Garden with my good friend, Mallory, and I have obsessively been following the news, especially in the last two weeks since Trump has become president. It is really stressing me out and he is pretty much the worst there ever was (that may be an exaggeration, but there certainly has not been anyone so orange). If you would like to take your mind off horrible news, scroll through these photos from the last few months.

Should have been posted November 21st:

 Morning silliness and snuggles.

Should have been posted November 28th:
 With the Christmas tree we picked out.

 Should have been posted December 5th:

 We picked up my brother, Erik (and my parents too, they went to Europe to pick him up and travel around), from the airport after serving a two year mission for our church in Sweden. There was this silly cutout at the airport and of course Elanor and Erik got their picture taken in it.

Should have been posted December 12th:

 Elanor's birthday was the 10th and she had a Harry Potter birthday party. It was a really fun party!

Should have been posted December 19th:
This was a busy week!

Alice with Mema at Kim's school gift charity event.

 We celebrated St. Lucia Day this year (and we like the tradition and will now do it every year!). Elanor in a Lucia dress my parents got her in Sweden, they also opened St. Lucia pajamas.
 We also went and saw Santa this week, Erik gave his homecoming talk, my grandpa and Vonnie were also in town. It was a fun week!

 Should have been posted December 26th:

It was the first time all the Scott kids were there for Christmas in four years. So, of course we had to get pictures taken.

 Alice as the Angel in our little Nativity play on Christmas Eve.

Should have been posted on January 2nd:

Christmas day
 (I left my phone home, so only have these few pictures from the morning! I need to get some from Tyler)
Elanor with her Hermione doll from Santa.

My cousin also got married on the 29th, so we went to Utah for the wedding.

Should have been posted January 9th:

We had a lot of snow and ice storms the first couple weeks in January. I love snow, even though Portland totally freaks out when there is an inch of snow.

Should have been posted January 16th for MLK Day:

Should have been posted January 23rd:

We marched at the Women's March on January 21st for women's rights worldwide. It was a peaceful and unifying experience.

Should have been posted on January 30th:
Bath baby.

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