Saturday, June 20, 2009

Europe Trip: Salzburg, Austria

Sorry again.... I have not felt up to blogging lately and with Tyler home I have much less free time (he went home for a week to help his dad move). Salzburg was a very beautiful town and the drive was as well. Below are the Austrian Alps: More beautiful scenery A wonderful view of Salzburg--home of the Von Trapp Family Singers and Mozart The Castle
Tyler and I eating some delicious sausages--though I don't think the sausages made it in the picture.
Me posing with some pretty awesome statues.

If you have seen The Sound of Music, then you would recognize this tunnel...
Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do

Jessica, me and Tyler in the same tunnel as above.
Erik with a statue of Mozart behind him. Some locals...

Jessica showing off her delicious pretzel.

I really enjoyed Salzburg. It was a beautiful town, but we did have a little trouble getting the car... We decided to go out to dinner a little outside of Salzburg because we were having trouble finding a restaurant---either they were closed, too expensive, or full. So we drove out of town a little bit and found a cute little bavarian hotel with a restaurant. My Mom wanted to finish eating before it got dark so it would be easy to find our way back to our hotel. However, that did not happen as it took about an hour and a half just to get our food. So, we ended up spending almost 2 hrs. driving in circles around Salzburg to find our hotel, which was very stressful for the driver... At one point, we accidently turned onto a one way road (the wrong way), which was not a big deal because no one was on the road and we pulled over to turn around. However, a car came down the road flashing its lights at us. It then pulled over to us and an angry, old Austrian man rolled down his window and started yelling at us (in a very strong German accent). He yelled, "This is very dangerous what you are doing here!!! Turn around immediatly or I will call the police!!!" He repeated that over and over and was very scary. We already were going to turn around, but now he was in our way. Jessica just told him we already knew it was a one way road and would have turned around a long time ago if he had not blocked us. She then rolled up the window and the crazy guy finally drove off... It was very scary at the time, but now it is just funny. We eventually made it back to the hotel and decided that the old man must have been a Nazi. Good story....

Next up Luneburg, Germany and then I will write a post about what has been going on here in Buena Vista!


  1. We did not drive around lost for two hours. It was more like 45 minutes.
    The Driver