Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Europe Trip: Vernazza, Italy

I am sorry it has been several days since my last post... I have just felt a little blogged out after doing a few days of long blog posts. I am refreshed and ready to do a post about our adventures in Vernazza.
We all really loved Vernazza. Vernazza is a little town in the north western part of Italy on the coast called the Cinque Terre. We found out about Vernazza from our lovely guide Rick Steves... Vernazza was beautiful, warm and not too crowded. Cars were not allowed in the town, so we had to park our car above the town and then hike down.
The beautiful Cinque Terre area
Tyler and I in Vernazza Me with the little town of Vernazza as the backdrop.
I love this picture! It is so nicely framed and none of us meant to take these positions.
Here we are all enjoying the most delicious gelato bought from the nicest old guy.

Me, Jessica and Erik with the town of Vernazza behind us. A nice silhouette, except for that strand of hair..

Vernazza by night

The Hike:
The five towns of the Cinque Terre are all connected by hiking trails that go along the hillside. We only hiked through two towns instead of five, but it was beautiful!
Mom and I with the town of Corniglia behind us.
Mmmmmm.....Lunch! This is the most delicious bread from a little bakery in Vernazza. We put salami and provolone cheese inside. Yummm!

A rather silly picture, or at least I look silly...

A nice shot of Mom with Corniglia in the hills behind her.

The water was so clear!
Erik taking a swim.
The last town we hiked to and I can't remember the starts with an M.
Our last night in Vernazza

Erik enjoying some gelato

Vernazza was an amazing place. I really loved the town, the location and the people. It is one of those places where you can walk around anywhere and feel safe. It was so nice to see the sun too after having rain in Paris. We swam, relaxed and enjoyed this lovely little town.

Next up Venice!


  1. ah, Vernazza looks so beautiful! just reading your blog and looking at the pictures makes me want to got there now. How long did you say there?

  2. We stayed in Vernazza for two nights and three days. It was pretty amazing...