Thursday, June 25, 2009

Update on what we have been doing...

We have had quite a bit going on in June. Tyler had his birthday on June 16th and turned 21. We also celebrated our first anniversary on June 21st. I feel like we have been married longer than that, but also I cannnot believe it has been a whole year since we got married. We have had a great first year and I love Tyler more than ever. I think this is the earliest picture of us. Prom was our first official date together. I was 16 and so was he... He would turn 17 in June. Do we look any older now (4 years later)?

The other day I cut Tyler's hair--the first time almost all the way by myself... Tyler helped a little in the front. Here is a picture:

I think it looks pretty good.
Besides birthdays, anniversarys, and haircuts, we have been working at Tuscany, making my bridesmaid dress and Tyler has been playing for a men's summer soccer league. Fun, fun, fun!
Well, I really should go, as Tyler needs my help with the dress (he really is the better seamstress--or tailor).


  1. Wow making your own bridesmaid dress, that is impressive I must say.

  2. Tyler is quite talented... I am not unfortunatly..