Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Maybe I'm odd, but I like to look...

View In Room
Isn't this the most beautiful room you have ever seen?!?! I found this on the pottery barn website. I love it and if I had enough money would have this for my baby room. Did you notice that the curtains and bedding have a Peter Rabbit print on them? I love Peter Rabbit! However, I will probably never have enough money for this room (especially the crib) and that is ok...but I just might want the Peter Rabbit bedding.
Peter Rabbit™ Nursery Bedding
I'm not even pregnant, but it is still fun to look!
Woodlands Rug

Actually, I think it was this carpet that really made me go head over heels. It is so perfect for a baby room, boy or girl. In the first picture you can see this all put together wonderfully. I am not sure how they painted those walls, but I would love to try it.

Well, that is pretty much all from me. I fell instantly in love and had to tell someone.

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