Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Midsummer Pics...

This is the whole cast on closing night. Sorry, the picture is really blurry. I am the one in the blue shirt with a vest. CAST (left to right): Tara Phillips (Fairy 1 and interviewer), Me (Fairy 2 and camera man), Nathan Taylor (Quince), Rob Smith (Bottom), Kelan Macy (Snug, Peaseblossom), Alex Carter (Helena), Sarah Friday (Titania, Hippolyta), Nate Pence (Lysander), Kaitlin Cluff (Hermia), Buck Watkins (Flute, Mustardseed), Micheal Taylor (Snout, Cobweb), Ben (Starveling, Moth), Jeff Gasser (Demetrius), NEXT ROW: Dele Opefia (Oberon, Theseus), Ashley Latta (Puck, Philostrate).
Me and Alex Carter in the scene shop during intermission.
Tara and I as the fairies.

The play was a lot of fun and we put on a really good show.

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