Friday, October 30, 2009


This year Tyler and I are pretty much skipping Halloween. The only chance I have had to celebrate fall is through this blog (sad, huh?). We have to work Friday and Saturday at Tuscany because it is Parent's weekend at W&L. This means we are missing the Ward Halloween party, the SVU Halloween dance and Haunted House. We did not even get to carve pumpkins because we don't have a car to go to the store and get them. Yes, I know I sound pathetic, but I love Halloween and fall time and I am so sad that I am missing it. I usually bake a variety of Halloween treats too and since I have worked almost everyday the past few weeks at Tuscany I have not had a chance to do anything. I'm just super tired of working and I need a break and I can't wait till this semester is over. Sorry that this sounds so depressing.
I hope everyone else has a great and happy Halloween!!!


  1. Way too depressing young lady. Try looking at the bright side of things!

  2. It was a bad day, a bad week, and a bad Halloween. I'm doing better now.