Monday, June 20, 2011

Backpacking with Baby

We went on a little backpacking trip with Elanor on Friday and honestly it was so much fun. The hike was beautiful. The initial ascent was a little tough as I had Elanor in the front pack and a backpack on my back. Once we got up out of the trees the trail became flat and wrapped around the mountain. It was nice and easy and had gorgeous views the whole way. Elanor was happy and talkative, which made it even better. We continued to the end of the Pipeline trail and then went a little further up the mountain and found the perfect camping spot. Tyler set up the tent while Elanor and I explored. We got up there a little after 8, so as soon as the tent was up I put Elanor to bed. Tyler made a fire and we roasted marshmallows and had a lovely time. It was not the most comfortable sleep I have ever had, but it could have been worse. In the future, I am going to bring Elanor her own sleeping bag and pad, as it was not particularly comfortable to sleep with her in my little sleeping bag. All in all, it was a great experience finished off with strawberries and bagels toasted over the fire and smothered in cream cheese for breakfast. It was quite delectable. 
 Our first view as we came around the mountain

 At the end of the Pipeline trail

 View from our campsite (this picture does not do it justice)

 Reading to Elanor before bed
 Salt Lake Valley all lit up
Our campsite in the morning
With Salt Lake City in the background
I look silly but Elanor looks cute!

We are doing well....Tyler is still looking for work. Elanor is 6 months now, so look for an update on her soon. Until next time!


  1. Looks like a fun little adventure. My only questions is, can you really light a fire up there???

  2. Yes, Tyler asked the ranger person. They said we had to camp 1/2 a mile from the road and fires were permitted and they preferred if we lit one where a fire had already been before--which we did.