Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It has been a very long time since I last posted and quite a bit has happened. We moved to Salt Lake, then promptly (2 days later), headed up to Oregon to visit with our families for 10 days. We are now back in Utah and are settling in. We are staying with my Aunt and Uncle until Tyler gets work and we find a place to live. It has been great staying with the McKees and they have been so generous.

Some pictures from Oregon:

 Hiking and rock climbing at Horse Thief Butte:

 With Tyler's Grandma Sandy, which is Elanor's great grandma!
 With Tyler's mom which is Mema for Elanor
Four Generations

 With my mom, Elanor's Gran

 Elanor thinks her uncles are pretty funny!
 Family picture (don't mind my crazy elbow!)

Car ride back to Utah:

I did not take as many pictures as I would have liked, but I kept forgetting to bring my camera with me! Most of these were taken the last day... I forgot to bring our camera to Tyler's dad's house, but I took a lot of good pictures with their camera. So unfortunately, this is all I have from the trip...

We are doing really well here and are really enjoying Utah so far. Tyler has been really busy going to career workshops, resume writing classes, and applying for jobs. Hopefully, something will turn up soon. There are a lot of labs here, which is great as that is where Tyler would like to work! Elanor and I have been playing, taking walks, and she has started eating solids. Elanor loves eating food and when she has an audience she loves showing off. She kicks her legs and gets super excited and looks like a little baby bird trying to get its food. She is pretty darn cute.
 This picture makes me laugh! In the mornings, I or Tyler go and get her from her crib and I feed her in our bed. Right above the bed is a window and Elanor lays there like this and looks out the window. So funny!
Elanor is such a fun, smiley, talkative baby. She has been saying 'dadada' for awhile but does not know what it means yet. She babbles and screams for fun all the time. Elanor is really good at sitting up, loves to try and feed herself, picks up all sorts of things, and puts everything in her mouth. She is a very social baby and will probably talk a lot---which she gets from me. I am taking her swimming today, which should be a lot of fun, so look for those pictures later!

Here is a video of Elanor during our long car ride back to Utah:

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