Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas, part one

I have a ton to catch up on! I might just post several smaller posts about Christmas and even do a few today.

First, we set up our Christmas tree a little before Elanor's birthday. We were rather disappointed we were not able to get a tree from a farm (my first time ever not). We got our tree at Smith's Marketplace (it is like a Fred Meyer) and it dried out a lot more quickly than usual because it was probably cut awhile ago in Oregon and shipped to Utah. It was quite a lovely tree though and I am ashamed to say that I never got a proper picture of it or any of our other decorations. We were pretty busy before we left for Oregon making gifts and somehow I never got around to getting a picture. I planned on taking some when we got back, but I forgot until after we already took everything down.
Elanor trimming the tree!


I tried to take a picture of Elanor and I in front of the tree, but they all turned out pretty blurry... I am not sure why I did not turn around and take a picture of the tree...

We did not get out Christmas cards this year for various reasons, but I did take some pictures for the card.
Here they are:

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