Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's Been a Awhile

Sorry about that. Oh, and sorry about no "In the Kitchen" on Friday last week or this week! My family came down to visit and I have not had much time to write. My family got here last Friday and I spent the Friday before busily cleaning and planning and baking for a surprise party for them. I have missed my brother's and parent's birthdays so I wanted to do something specula for them. My family is pretty into Doctor Who (an awesome British TV show for those unfamiliar with it), so I threw them a Doctor Who Party.
Tyler made the front door into the Doctor's Tardis.

 Tyler also drew a Dalek (Doctor Who's worst enemy) and we played "pin the eyestalk on the Dalek" Here are the results:
 We also wrote "Badwolf" everywhere:
I know none of this stuff makes any sense unless you have seen Dcotor Who, so sorry for those of you who have no idea what this is all about. I would highly advise watching the show. It is all on Netflix. The first episode is not the best, but give it a few episodes and it is amazing. I was skeptical at first, but it is now my favorite show. 

On to food:

For the party I made Fish Fingers and Custard (a Doctor Who food thing). I actually made fish and chips and made a savory custard for dipping. It was actually quite good. You can find the recipe here.


For dessert, I came up with my own idea. I came up with the idea of making Companion Cupcakes. The Doctor has several companions that come with him on his Tardis.  I chose the four girls from the current Dcotor Who show (not the 60s-80s show).  The companions are Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, and Amy Pond. I know Rory is just as important as Amy and the Captain Jack should probably be in there too, but I just wanted girls and i did not really want to make more that four different types of cupcakes. i made four different types of cupcakes based on their appearance, name or personality or all three of those things. 

I really wanted to make rose on top, but I am not very confident in my cupcake decorating skills, but after watching a few youtube videos and Tyler gave me a bit of a pep talk, I tried it. They actually turned out really well and I got so much better with each one. I recommend this video, if you want to learn how. The lady, Xanthe Mitlon, does the best job at explaining and showing you how to do it slowly. So many just show how to do it, but do it so fast that you cannot really learn how to do it.

I am really quite proud of myself, since I always thought I was quite terrible at frosting things.

For Martha, I made chocolate cupcakes with the most delicious chocolate frosting. I used my mom's recipe, which I will have to share with you all sometime! 

I know Martha is black and some might think it is racist to make chocolate cupcakes. I am not racist at all. Chocolate just seemed to fit Martha based on personality and looks. It really is the best flavor, so no one should be offended.

For Donna, I made Spice Cupcakes with a Caramel Frosting because she has quite the spicy temperament. 

I had a difficult time choosing a cupcake for Amy, but I settled on making a Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese frosting, mostly because her hair is red.  This recipe was really good and in one of my cookbooks, so I will have to put that on here sometime too.

All the cupcakes set out on the table.

It was a really fun night and we finished the night off by watching the two episode season finale of season four. We had of course all seen it, but it is just so good!

Later that week, we went to Zion National Park with my parents and brothers. It was awesome, so I will be putting some pictures of our adventures there soon.


  1. Lizzie, your Doctor Who party looks like it was thrown by a professional. I'm so incredibly amazed by your cupcakes, and would probably order a few dozen to be sent to my doorstep if it were an option. I'm serious. And I know it's lame, but one of the things I'm most looking forward to about being back in the US is being able to watch Dr. Who again. And you should make a trip to Oregon soon so I can steal Elanor. And North and South was so good. So good.

    1. Well, thank you! Doctor Who really is the best show ever, with Avatar and the Cosby Show coming in second. Have you watched Avatar? It looks silly and it is animated, but seriously, it is an awesome show. Next time I am back in Oregon, I can make you some cupcakes if you so desire.

  2. Hello we are doing a Dr. Who themed party for my son this is his last themed party as he is turning 13. We made a tartus out of a kitchen cabinet box (thanks to my parents remodeling) for a decoration and my mom who is a cake maker is making him a tartus cake (3D) so excited about that. But that's it. Since this is the last themed one he is letting me do I want to go all out do you have any other suggestions.