Monday, November 12, 2012

Snow, Snow, Snow!

Snow makes me all giddy, just the same way it did when I was a little girl. I love it! It means sledding, snowball fights, forts, rosy cheeks, hot chocolate, long johns, beautiful snow covered trees and skiing, if we are lucky enough to get to go. I have not outgrown my love of snow and I am so glad! So many adults complain about the snow and what a pain it is. I think snow makes everything so much more beautiful and fun. I especially love waking up to snow. It just seems so magical. I used to pray for snow all the time when I was little, especially on Christmas Eve. We woke up to softly falling snow on Friday morning and the snow did not stop until Sunday afternoon. We got so much snow (about a foot and a half)! We had so much fun in it!
We went outside as soon as we could on Friday to enjoy the snow.

Our house, with Friday morning's snow

Elanor and I getting ready to sled down our mini hill.

Elanor sledding down our little hill all by herself (as she is requesting to do everything nowadays).
The snow on our house Saturday morning.

Backyard on Saturday

Such a pretty fir tree!

Since it was Saturday, Tyler was able to play out in the snow with us! We went to Sugarhouse park and went sledding. Elanor LOVED it. She was laughing the whole way down the hill because she loved it so much. She even wanted to go down the hill by herself and we let her (she did not fall over or anything).

Elanor sledding down all by herself and loving it.

 A huge smile for us at the bottom of the hill.

Fun day sledding!

On Sunday, we woke up to even more snow!
The picnic table covered in a foot and half of snow!
Playing outside with our neighbors and building a snow fort.

 Elanor making a snow angel--she did actually enjoy it, but her face would tell you otherwise.
Elanor and Grey sledding down our little hill.

Elanor lounging in the snow fort, or perhaps she just could not get up.

It is supposed to warm up again this week, but we look forward to having a very snowy winter!


  1. I'm with you! I never outgrew my love of snow either. :) It is just as exciting now as it ever was growing up! Snow DOES make everything more beautiful, and there's something magical about how silent the world becomes when it snows. Poo on the snow-haters! ;)

  2. LOVE waking up to surprise snow! Elanor has the sweetest little face! Hope you all are doing well!!