Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I took a rather long break from posting mostly to get ready for and enjoy Thanksgiving. We drove up to Driggs, Idaho (near the Tetons) where my family had rented a cabin. I have not had Thanksgiving with my family since my freshman year of college! So, it was wonderful for all of us to have Thanksgiving together, especially since Jess and Ricky will not be there for Christmas.

We drove up to Driggs on Thanksgiving Day because my sister and her husband flew into SLC and drove up with us. We made it in plenty of time and were even able to help with some of the dinner preparations. I also brought up two pies and forgot quite a bit of stuff as well... I was supposed to bring sweet potatoes and they were made and ready to go but I spaced it and did not get them out of the fridge! What is wrong with me?

It was a delicious and wonderful meal. I did not take a single picture because I was enjoying my turkey far too much. Sorry about that, but I am sure you can imagine what it looked like with nine of us crowded around a wood table covered in a leafy tablecloth in a cozy cabin, with the table groaning under the weight of the roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, rolls, gravy, stuffing, sparkling cider (yes...I forgot to bring the sweet potatoes....grrrr). A pleasant picture, yes?

However, here are some pictures from every other time, but Thanksgiving dinner:
The Cabin

The view of Teton peak from the cabin.

From the outside

Elanor with her Uncle Erik

We went skiing on the Friday after Thanksgiving at Grand Targhee. It was a beautiful day!

Elanor came up  at lunch and we took her skiing! My parents got her a pair of toddler skis for her birthday and she absolutely loved skiing. She really enjoyed going fast and did not want to stop.

Here is the video of Elanor skiing down the bunny hill with her Uncle Ian:

Going up on the little kids moving ramp thing with Grandpa.

Elanor with her Nan.

Hot tubbing after skiing!

We celebrated Elanor's birthday on Saturday with my family, since they will not be able to be there for her birthday on the 10th.

She loved blowing out the candles!

Elanor also opened up some presents (she had already opened up the skis) including two "pretty dresses", a Pride and Prejudice board book, an apron and her favorite: a Merida doll from Disney Pixar's new movie Brave.  She carries this doll around with her everywhere. Merida has already been very useful in many ways such as, "You can't play with Merida until you go potty" or "Merida wants you to sit in your carseat" or "Merida is so sleepy right now, so let's get ready for bed".
Elanor was so excited about her Merida doll!

We tried to take some family pictures and these are my favorites:

Elanor face is hilarious in this one!

It was a lovely trip. We played many games, laughed a lot, talked about everything, ate good food and overall enjoyed being a family. I sure love them.


  1. I love how much Elanor loves her doll!! She's so cute. Glad you guys had a good thanksgiving :)

  2. Oh my heck, she is skiing!?! So cool! Looks like you had a blast!

  3. I love that you've found a practical use for Merida. Clever mom. :) Also, I feel your pain concerning sweet potatoes, as this was the first year in a long while that my mom didn't make her sweet potato casserole, and Thanksgiving (though splendid) was not quite the same without it.

    I'm glad you all had such a great time! Are you coming to OR for Christmas (aside from Jess and Ricky)?

  4. Wow, what a cool trip!! And what a gorgeous cabin!!! I'm so glad you had fun! :-)