Friday, November 2, 2012


Elanor did not take a nap on the worst possible day to not take a nap.... However, it was not a failure. She fell asleep on the way over to my aunt's house, which saved us a bit. We had such a fun time trick-or-treating! Elanor loved it and was so funny! She said "trick-or-treat" most of the time and she also always grabbed a piece of candy to put in everyone else's buckets. She likes taking care of people. We were also lucky because it was so warm out (60 degrees or something like that). Halloween and pretty much every holiday are so much more fun with kids!

Getting ready to go:
Sparkly nails to go with a sparkly dress.
Her Rapunzel shoes

Elanor's hair all done up.


These outside pictures were a bit more difficult. Elanor was is a good mood as I got her ready, but when went outside the sleepiness and crankiness hit her.

"No picture, no picture"


 Walking in the leaves.
Our maple is pretty gorgeous right now.

I told Elanor, "Please, please let me get one picture of your face and then we can go inside." She said she wanted to "go to Halloween". I told her she could if she looked at me and took her thumb out of her mouth. So, I got this one, no smile, but at least she is not crying...
 We went  over to my aunt's house for a neighborhood dinner, which was a lot of fun! There was a lady dressed up as Mary Poppins and Elanor got really excited because she thought she was the real Mary Poppins.

Then, we headed back to our neighborhood and went trick-or-treating with our friends. I did not get many pictures, mostly because they were all moving so fast and it got dark pretty quick.
Both of these pictures are pretty blurry, but they are the best that I could get.

We had such a fun Halloween! I hope you did as well! 

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  1. SOOO cute!!!! Love love love the pictures. Thanks for a fun Halloween!!