Saturday, February 23, 2013

All Dressed Up

Last weekend, Tyler had to work part of the day on Saturday.  I decided we would do something fun when he got back, so Elanor and I got all dressed up. I let Elanor pick whatever dress she wanted and I asked her how she wanted her hair done. She chose a fancy pink dress and wanted her hair done like Cinderella. I did Elanor's hair in a fancy little bun right at the top of her head. She looked pretty darn cute.

 Elanor holding our hands on the escalator at City Creek Mall. 

We had to run a few errands at the mall and then to make Elanor's day, we stopped off at the Disney Store. She has heard of Disneyland somehow (maybe I told her, who knows?) and thinks that the store is Disneyland. I keep telling her that Disneyland is much, much cooler and infinitely more fun than the store. However, for right now she seems fairly content with the store (since she does not actually know how awesome Disneyland is).
Oh, what a wonderful place!
 Later, we went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Sea Salt, which was a big treat since we never go out.
Elanor drinking her water.
 The next two pictures Elanor took. I have never shown her how to take a picture but once I showed her, she did not want to stop taking pictures.

I thought this one turned out pretty good.
 We had a fun night and it is so fun to get all dressed up. Elanor certainly enjoyed it.

This is what Elanor's hair looked like after I took it out of the bun--oh, and she is making a silly face. Hahaha!


  1. Aw, that picture of her in the Disney store is PRICELESS!! So adorable. And I've never heard of Sea Salt. We'll have to check it out sometime!

  2. So sweet! Where did you get that adorable pink ruffled pinafore dress from? xx