Monday, February 11, 2013

The Weekly Photo

In an effort to use my camera a lot more, I am going to be taking pictures all week, every week and every Monday I will post my favorite picture from the last week.  A lot of bloggers do photo-a-day things which I think are pretty cool, but I don't have an iPhone or instagram and well, a lot of people do it. So, I am going to try this. One photo from the past week that hopefully gives an idea of what we have been up to or our personalities or something to denote who we are as a family. 

Here is my favorite from last week, and there were a lot of good choices, but I like this one because of Elanor's expression (she wanted to ring the Pitcher's side door bell).


  1. That picture is adorable! I've never been able to see much of Tyler in Elanor, but she looks just like him there!

  2. She. Is. So. Pretty. Yes, she's cute, but she is also one genuinely beautiful little girl.