Saturday, February 16, 2013


We had a lovely Valentine's Day. The most important part about Valentine's is to be with the ones you love and I sure love Tyler and our little girl.

We started the day by seeing Tyler off to work (he had got us each flowers, chocolates and a balloon for Elanor) and then I made some heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast.

Then, Elanor and I made some Valentines. 
Elanor loves stamping, can you tell?

Elanor in her Valentine's outfit. I forgot to take a picture before her nap, so her hair is a bit messy, as are her clothes.

We went out to the Beehive Tea Room for a little "tea party" at lunchtime since Elanor had been asking for one. We had cucumber sandwiches, soup, petite fours and shared a pot of herbal chocolate mint tea. Elanor loves tea and drank 3 cups of it! It was an adorable little place and I am so bummed that I forgot to bring my camera...

We then came home for a nap and afterwards we went over to a friends house to play and decorate cookies. During Elanor's nap I was busy making dinner and dessert. I made Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon with some mashed potatoes as well. If you are like me, and don't drink alcohol, nor do I use it in my cooking really, then you can do what my mom does for this dish. She uses more beef stock than it calls for to make up for the liquid in the wine and then adds a half cup of red wine vinegar. Yes, I am well aware that red wine vinegar is nothing like wine--I mean, it is vinegar----but, the vinegar in the red wine vinegar really goes well with the meat. I think the vinegar actually makes this recipe taste better. I have also known people who substitute grape juice for the wine or you could just buy cooking wine too if you don't mind. Sorry for the ramble.

Whatever the case, it was delicious.
I am lucky enough to be able to eat dinner with these two:

 Later, Tyler and I enjoyed this delicious dessert:

 Chocolate Decadence with a raspberry sauce and freshly whipped cream. I am going to post this recipe on here soon, it is of course one my mom always made for Valentine's Day.

While we ate our scrumptious dessert, Tyler and I watched a wonderful little movie called "Romantics Anonymous".  

It is a French film about two people who have anxiety, are chocolate makers and fall in love. It is very funny, quirky, and adorable. I highly recommend it. I think the translation of the title is not exactly correct. The girl in the movie attends one of those help groups and in the movie they call it "Emotionals Anonymous"--emotional meaning anxiety, not being in control of your emotions, something like that...I am not really sure. Whatever the case, it is very cute and you should watch it.

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. CUTE, ELIZABETH!!!!!!!!! That meal looks incredible....oh my goodness. And I was convinced you bought that cake until you said you'd post the recipe for it!! PLEASE! I want to eat it right now. Tyler's one lucky guy! Glad you guys had a great day. :-)