Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Caitlin and Mallory, Caitlin and Mallory"

Elanor chanted their names in a little sing-song voice the whole time they were here. Caitlin and Mallory are, by the way, twins, and also very good, old (as in I have known them since kindergarten) friends. They are the best and they came to visit us last week.

We had a wonderful time exploring Salt Lake City, hiking, listening to stories, tasting chocolate, sipping tea, watching movies, eating fish fingers and custard, and talking, talking and more talking. I love them and am so glad they came to visit!

Thanks you two! 

I did not get as many pictures as I would have liked but here are a few:
{Oh, and I would not mind it if you (meaning Caitlin and Mallory) email me any of your pictures--I'll email you mine.}

 We took Caitlin and Mallory to our favorite bookstore--The King's English Bookstore--Elanor had some story time while we explored the store/listened in. Can you tell she loves it?

Caitlin and Elanor, me, and Mallory
 Springtime at Temple Square = beautiful.

 Mallory and Elanor

 Mallory and Elanor

The weather turned a bit cold the next day, but we still ventured up Ensign Peak.
Elanor and Caitlin eating lunch.
 Mallory checking out the view.

We had a little Doctor Who party for Caitlin and Mallory and invited our neighbors (new Whovians--such a weird, nerdy term... I  know...).
 We had Doctor Who-y food such as fish fingers/fried fish and custard (honey mustard custard--say that out loud--it is surprisingly fun), chips (as in fries), parsnips (not really Doctor Who, but quite British) and some artichoke dip (not Doctor Who either, but very yummy). We also had a chocolate soufflĂ© cake in honor of the Doctor's new companion, Clara.
{I am aware that everything is the same color. It all tasted good, though.}
After the babes were all sleeping we also watched an episode, of course.

We took the Trax downtown and it was a very clean, enjoyable experience. Elanor especially loved it.
And...unfortunately this is the last picture I took. Caitlin and Elanor are pretending to be asleep in a boat-bed display at the Church History Museum. Elanor actually looks quite believable, don't worry, you do too, Caitlin.

We had such a lovely time. Thanks again for coming. I love having visitors, so please come family and friends!


  1. Haha! I love that last picture. I'm also always excited to hear about DW parties - I want to throw one again. I might have to try that honey mustard custard. :)

    I'm so glad you posted a picture of The King's English! I have been wanting to go to that book store for years but have never had the chance!

    Ensign Peak looks lovely, too. I've never heard of it but hope to give it a shot someday. :)

    P.S. I know I replied freakishly quickly to this post. I was procrastinating on facebook and thought this a much worthier use of my homework procrastination time. ;)

  2. I may be wrong, but that seems more like Mallory in that last photo. But as I was not there, you're probably right. On another note, I am so sad I wasn't there, this sounds like the best weekend. Elanor is unbearably adorable - caitlin sent my video of some of her songs - lyrically brilliant, I would say.

    1. You should come to SLC sometime! It would be fun to show you around!

  3. What a wonderful weekend it was! Lovely pictures, I still especially appreciate the one in the book store- pretty hilarious. Ashleigh, that is actually me in the picture, but I agree that I have a Mallory-esque aura about me. Lizzie, I'll e-mail you our pictures. At what address might they find you?

    P.S - to have one's name included in an Elanor-invented song is perhaps one of the greater compliments to ever be paid. Thanks for the time, Elizabeth, Tyler, and Elanor. We loved it.

    1. You are welcome and thank you for coming! It was fun!

  4. It looks like you guys had so much fun! I would love to join you sometime for reading time at The Kings English Bookstore and the downtown library too. I hope Lydia loves books and reading as much as I do!

    1. She will if you read to her! We read to Elanor as a newborn and obviously still do!

  5. Yes! We had the best weekend and loved Salt Lake City. You three are superb hosts. I already miss waking up to Elanor singing and you cooking something good...