Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This Kid...

...purposely makes faces like this just to make me laugh.

Elanor is no longer a baby and has not been for awhile now.
 It makes me a bit sad and I miss having a baby, but she is growing into such a fun, hilarious, and adventurous little girl.
 "Take a picture of my messy face, Mommy!"
 We were playing hide and seek the other day and I was hiding on top of the washer (it is in the bathroom and if the bathroom door is open the washer is blocked from view) and she could not find me. I gave her several hints by knocking on the door and she eventually found me. When she saw where I was she said, 
"Mommy, get down from there, it is not safe!"
 I said, "Who says it is not safe?" 
"I do!", Elanor declares in a quite grown-up voice.

She makes us laugh everyday. Elanor is a fairly spirited and imaginative child. I love listening in to conversations she has with her dolls or stuffed "amials", as Elanor calls them. She talks to them like she is their Mommy and puts them in time out or gives them to the count of three to do something she asked. 

She still sucks her thumb (we need to somehow wean her off it!), but in many ways she is so grown-up. She talks sooo much...pretty much like a regular person. She has been speaking in sentences for almost a year now, but her sentences are pretty complex and only occasionally does she make some grammatical errors.

She has her fair share of tantrums, whiny days, obstinate "no's", and bed-wetting (we are trying to night-train her=lots of laundry). We are so extremely grateful to have her, especially since having a second is proving to be very difficult. She is such a joy and brings so much happiness to our little family. I especially love it when she wants "to cuddle for just a minute" or give Tyler and I a "family hug", as she calls our group hugs. 

Elanor is our favorite.

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  1. I'm going to make my mom read this because, though she knows Elanor's darling, there's no better source than you. :) From the few times I've been blessed to be with Elanor and the many things I've heard about her, I know that she is one special little girl with lots to offer the world. Thank you for bringing her into it to bless the lives of so many!