Friday, April 5, 2013

Growing Up (3 years of Easter)

I was looking at pictures of past Easters (of which Elanor has been present for three of them) and it is so amazing how much she has grown up and changed in almost 2 1/2 years.

Elanor's first Easter:

 She was 4 months old, but was already showing a lot of personality and spunk. We were living in Buena Vista, Virginia and were about to move to Utah in one month.

Just look at those cheeks!
Elanor's 2nd Easter:
Elanor was 16 months and turning into a real little person. She could talk, walk, run, etc. We lived in the same house we do now in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Elanor's 3rd Easter:
She is pretty much a kid now at almost 2 1/2. She talks really well,  has opinions, is very capable in many ways and is such an amazing little girl. It is a real treat to be able to witness her grow up (even though I do look back and miss those baby days) and see who she is becoming and all the amazing possibilities that are before her. She is a unique, intelligent, sweet, and beautiful little person and we are so blessed to have her in our family.

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  1. All of her dresses are really adorable - but that first one! So beautiful!