Sunday, July 28, 2013


I have been having far too much fun/ have not really wanted to blog. It has been sunshiny and hot. We have been swimming, backpacking, celebrating Harry's birthday, playing with the hose/kiddie pool with friends everyday, and generally having a very fun summer. So, I have not felt too much like blogging since I am outside most of the day. When I am inside, I am doing the necessaries such as cleaning, dishes, making food, etc. and I made Elanor an adorable owl costume for our Harry Potter party.

Here are some pictures of what we have been doing to tide you over until I feel more like blogging (I do have several posts I have been meaning to write!):

 Pioneer Day is big here in Utah and you generally celebrate with fireworks, much like the 4th and just as fun.

You might have noticed how unclothed Elanor is in many of these photos. It has been difficult to keep her in clothes lately. As mentioned above, we have played in the kiddie pool and with the hose a lot, and Elanor seems to think that if her clothes get a tiny bit wet then they must all come off.

Be ready to read about the Harry Potter party and Elanor's owl costume this week!

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