Friday, July 12, 2013


Yep, I have been out of town for the past two and half weeks. Elanor, my sister, Jessica, and I drove up to Oregon on June 22nd and we have been there since. Tyler flew up for a few days, but because of his new job, he does not have much vacation time yet. We primarily went back because my little brother, Ian, was leaving to go on a mission for our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We had a family party and he spoke at church. Of course, we also went back to see family. I did not have a camera this whole trip so all of these pictures were taken with my mom or my sister's iPhone, so I only have pictures of when Jessica or my mom was with me.

Some highlights of the trip:
--Rafting at Girls Camp (my mom is the camp director for our church's week-long camp for girls in our area)
--Going out to lunch with Papa and Mema (Tyler's parents)
--Playing with cousins, Casen and Colbi
--Ian's Farewell Party and seeing my Grandpa, Vonnie, Aunt Terri and Uncle Paul, Auntie Julie, the Forkey's, and many more friends who came out for Ian's party.
--both of Ian's talks at church (singles and family ward)
--Having Tyler there for five days and spending time with his family.
--Swimming in Mema's pool
--Going sailing on the Columbia River with my family
--Canoeing with Caitlin
--Going to the beach with the Forkey family
--Fireworks on the beach

Here are a ton of pictures:

Farewell Party/family photos
My family!
Forkey/Scott Kids--we are just missing Jacob. (FYI--the Forkey parents were friends with my parents in college and have kept up their friendship all these years. Which is why they feel like family.
Uncle Ricky was very good at keeping Elanor entertained.
Elanor coloring with Vonnie.

Sailing/swimming in the Columbia:
Sailing on the Columbia.
My dad in his element.
My brothers, Ian and Erik--they are the best.
Saying goodbye to Uncle Ian.
Elanor in my parents awesome claw foot tub.
At the Tillamook Cheese Factory.
Jessica and I trying to get Elanor to look at the camera.
4th of July dessert-- Pavlova--a meringue base with lemon curd, whipped cream and fresh berries on top.
Fireworks on the beach. Elanor loved all the fireworks this year. There were a ton of other people also doing fireworks on the beach (illegal big ones), so we had an awesome fireworks experience. Elanor loved it! She kept saying, "This is soooo exciting!!!".

Elanor getting her nails painted by Noelle Forkey.

Buried in sand.
Being cute with Grandpa.
Erik, Elanor and my mom/Nan.
Noelle and I
All the girls.

We had a great time and I am just sad I did not get more pictures or any with Tyler's family. Email me your pictures, pretty please?

On Monday for my Weekly Photo, I will be posting one picture for every week I missed and also this week as well.

I will be back to blogging more frequently and I got a new camera!! 

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  1. Great pictures, Elizabeth! That was such a fun weekend(s)!