Monday, December 2, 2013

The Weekly Photo

Looking for the perfect tree.
{Yes, I would much rather choose a tree from a farm, but we are not in Oregon and Christmas trees do not grow so well in the desert. Also, with Tyler being so busy, we do not have much time to drive an hour into the mountains to go to a Christmas tree farm, unfortunately.}
Yes, I should have had a picture from Thanksgiving, but I took zero pictures. That is correct, zero. There are three reasons: 1-I was quite busy. 2-I was having way too much fun. 3-I just completely forgot (see 1 and 2). I love Thanksgiving and I missed my family, but it was fun to have it with friends (all of whom did not have family near either). The food was delicious (it was a joint effort, everyone brought something!) and it was such a perfect day. We played games, ate way too much, talked a lot, Elanor had fun playing with friends, and we had Tyler here all day! The rest of the weekend was fun as well. Tyler still had to work, but he found time to go get a tree with us and decorate it! 

I love Christmas. I have always been confused how someone could like any other holiday more than Christmas. I, of course, love Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, 4th of July, etc., but Christmas is easily the winner. Perhaps, it is because my family does Christmas so well. I have such wonderful, dreamy memories of Christmas and I want Elanor to have the same sort of magical experience. Plus, does any other holiday (besides Easter) really celebrate anything more meaningful than what we celebrate at Christmas, Christ's birth (and everything else that goes with it, such as giving, being kind, helping those in need, etc.)? No, not really. 

I love the Christmas season (obviously)!

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