Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekly Photo(s)

I have been out of town in Oregon for the past two weeks! I went back to do the choreography for my mom's play, The Sound of Music. It was a lot of fun and I went to rehearsals almost everyday I was there. I love doing choreography and I miss being involved in theatre, so I loved being at rehearsals! It was a very busy trip and I got some photos, but not many.

So for the week before Monday, March 10th, here is that Weekly Photo:
 This is the big reveal! I made this Union Jack quilt for my mom's birthday. I spent a lot of February sewing and choreographing. It was a busy month. I could not show a picture on here, however, until after my mom opened it. She loved it, since she (and our whole family) loves all things British. There will be more pictures of this quilt later in the week!

The week before Monday, March 17th:
 I rarely get pictures of Elanor and I (that are not taken at an arm's length by me), so it was nice to get one! We went on a hike up to these beautiful falls one day after rehearsal. 

More Oregon pictures coming!

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