Tuesday, May 27, 2014

5th Water

Yesterday, since Tyler had work off for Memorial Day, we went on a hike! We went on the 5th Water hike, in Spanish Fork Canyon and up Diamond Creek.  If you have never been into Spanish Fork Canyon, you are missing out. It is beautiful. It was also so green, green mountains, green pastures, rolling hills below, dramatic mountains above. The hike we went on was in a smaller little canyon to the north of Spanish Fork Canyon. My dad suggested the hike, as it was one of his favorites in college. It was a bit of a drive for us to get there, but worth it. It is 2.5 miles up to the waterfall and hot springs. So in total, 5 miles. Elanor walked the whole way herself and even ran 1.5 miles coming back. She was so proud of herself, as were we. 

It is a beautiful and fairly easy hike. The hot springs are these beautiful little pools right next to the waterfall and creek. The creek water is cold and the hot pools were very warm and we had fun hopping between the two. There were quite a few people there, as it was Memorial Day, but I think it is a good thing if trails are getting used, right?

These are some of the hot pots. There are several, and these ones were slightly cooler than the ones closer to the large waterfall. 

Also, kids are way more capable than people often give them credit for. Elanor hiked five miles, all on her own and she is three. It is not because she is a super child, but because we have given her opportunities to hike, go on walks, etc. and we have made her walk from a young age. Last year, she would do about half the hike and the other half in the pack, as she would get tired. However, she is too big to be in a pack now, and she is a capable. We have gone on longer and longer walks in preparation for hikes like these. Elanor loves hiking and was so proud of herself. She was tired, but felt accomplished.

It was a great day and a beautiful hike!

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