Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

There is something so special about moms. They love their children so much and it is hard to comprehend that love until you are actually a mother. When I became a mom, it made me more fully appreciate my own mother. She loves her children and now grandchild so much. She helps us to be better, she created a safe, and happy home and is so much the mom and person I want to be. Thank you for all the zillions of tiny and huge things you have done for me Mother Dearest.

To Tyler's mom, Kim, thank you for loving and raising such a sweet boy! You love us all so much and we love you. You are such a wonderful grandmother as well!

 I am so extremely grateful for this little girl who made me a mom. 
Being a mom is so many things in one. It is the best and sometimes the worst. It is the most fun and it is sometimes the least fun. There are ups and downs, but mostly there are ups. Elanor often says, "I have the best family in the whole world." I melt every time because she says it so sincerely. Family bliss is real and we have it in our home everyday, even amid the tantrums.

Happy Mother's Day!

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