Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Weekly Photo + Skiing

Elanor skiing at Park City Resort.

We took Elanor skiing last week at Park City. They have a free magic carpet skiing area, which is perfect for kids. She had a lot of fun, but did get a bit bored since it was not very steep and the snow was rather slow. Elanor loves to go fast!

Elanor getting on the magic carpet by herself.

Elanor was also able to go skiing this past weekend with my dad as well! And yes, we are up in Portland again. I am doing the choreography for my mom's play and Elanor has a part in it as well, so we will be up here a lot in the next two months.

Also, there should have been a Weekly Photo posted Monday, the 27th. Here is that photo:

Elanor and Tyler going out on a Daddy-daughter date!

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