Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Weekly Photo + Pregnancy Talk

6 1/2 months or  27 weeks + 3 days or 192 days pregnant.

Also, I'm in the third trimester! So, just 3 months left, that is a little over 12 weeks my friends.

I have received a lot of comments on how I am so big this pregnancy, which I don't really mind. However, my weight gain has been about the same and though I showed earlier, I think in the long run I will be about the same size. I do carry a bit bigger anyways. I am pretty average in height (slightly on the shorter end), but I have a short torso. So, I have a pretty large, round belly.

Here are some comparison pictures (same shirt as well):

Pregnant with Elanor at 29 weeks.
Pregnant with baby #2 at 27 weeks.
People are also always asking me how I'm feeling and usually I always say "good". In truth, I have really easy pregnancies. My first trimester was a lot more difficult than it was with Elanor. I threw up and felt nauseous way more often. I also had aversions to most food! However, compared to many that are really truly sick, it was not bad at all. Ever since the second trimester started, I have felt great! I have plenty of energy and I love feeling my baby move! Sure, sleeping can be uncomfortable, but I don't have much to complain about.

If anyone is interested, here are some things I do that make my pregnancies easier:
1. I don't eat sugar. 
Sure, occasionally I'll have a tiny bite (Christmas time was hard!) and I have had a few mugs of hot chocolate (made with unsweetened chocolate or unsweetened cocoa, milk and raw honey-a less refined and better form of sugar). It can be hard, but worth it! There is less weight gain, I'm healthier, and all that sugar could very well effect a little baby's developing brain.
2. I do yoga every morning.
I did not do this when I was pregnant with Elanor. It has been so nice to do this! The breathing exercises really helped in the 1st trimester with nausea. It not only strengthens my body, but gives me energy to start the day. There are quite a few pregnancy yoga videos on youtube. Also, do your Kegels.

I guess that is pretty much it. Other than that, I just do what I normally do. A little school with Elanor, walks, clean the house, play with Elanor, make breakfast, lunch and dinner, run errands, eat, read, relax with Tyler in the evening…the regular stuff. I also taught ballet. I just stopped, since we will hopefully be moving soon.

So, yes being pregnant. It is on my mind and I'm so glad to finally be pregnant after all the waiting. I am savoring the experience and not complaining since it was so hard to get pregnant in the first place. I am grateful (in a sense), that we went through that, because it has made me a lot more grateful for this experience. So, for me, right now, being pregnant is pretty much the best.

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