Monday, June 29, 2015

Camping in the Uintas

We wanted to go camping for Father's Day weekend, but had not decided on a place yet, but then our friends, the Pitchers (who live above us), were going camping in the Uintas. So, we went together! It was a lot of fun!

This was my view a lot of the time.

 Tyler and the campsite.

 I'm not exactly sure what the kids are doing in these pictures, but I love when the sun does this!

 She makes me laugh.

 The campground was next to Washington Lake, one of about a 100+ lakes in the Uinta mountains. I did not really get a good picture of the lake, as I was holding a sleeping Alice.

Alice loves getting her diaper changed and to be on her back with someone talking to her.

Two little cuties snuggled up and ready for bed.

 Good Morning!

Later, we went on a little walk/hike and found another lake.

 More diaper changing happiness:

After we packed up, we left the campsite and stopped at The Provo Falls. It was possibly my favorite place we went to that weekend. It was so beautiful!
 There were several falls, and a small hike to see them all. The rocks were a lot of fun to climb as well!

 I loved how the water looked gold because of the color of rocks in the riverbed.
Yep. that is me nursing Alice over there.

 The main falls are behind Tyler and the girls.

We took this by ourselves.

Later, we met up with our friends, the Boothes, at Mirror Lake.

 Elanor and Max

 Tyler caught a fish (Dustin did too!).

 A little chipmunk  (Maddy).
Silly kids.

We had some dinner and then Alice had pretty much had enough. She had been good for so long, but decided she was done. I took her back to the car to nurse and she calmed right down and went to sleep on our ride home. It was a fun and busy weekend. Thanks to all of our wonderful friends for camping and exploring with us!

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