Monday, June 29, 2015

The Weekly Photo (s)

I have fallen behind again! Plus, I have not written a regular blogpost in awhile. I guess that happens when one has a new baby.

Well, here are some Weekly Photos:

Should have been posted last Monday (the 22nd):

The week of the 14th-20th was a busy one! On the Tuesday (16th), it was Tyler's birthday. Also, Tyler's mom and Kenny and his Aunt, Uncle and cousins were all up in Idaho vacationing at the dunes. So, we drove up Monday night and stayed most of the day Tuesday.
Here is a picture of Elanor and I in one of their ATV/sand car things. I did not take many pictures as I forgot my camera!

Later in the week, Tyler's mom, Kim, and Kenny drove down to Utah in their motor home to spend a day with us:

 Then, on Friday we went camping in the Uintas with friends (the Pitchers) and stayed up in the Uintas until bedtime on Saturday with some other friends (the Boothes). Then, on Sunday it was Father's Day and our 7th anniversary, plus my sister had her first baby! Talk about a busy week!

 Tyler and Alice at the Provo Falls up in the Uinta Mountains.

The Weekly Photo, which is actually posted on the right day!:  

I made this nightgown for our beautiful girl.

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