Friday, June 12, 2015

The Weekly Photo (s) + camping trip + some recent photos

Weekly Photo which should have been posted on June 1st:
A quick family photo while on a hike when we camped up in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Weekly Photo which should have been posted on June 8th:
An iPhone picture, but it was so cute of these sisters!

First camping trip of the year:

Also, Alice's first camping trip!
At the campsite and just look at that tiny baby!


There was some drama. But she got over her "tired knees"and with plenty of energy she was able to scramble up the rocks to the top of the waterfall. It was much steeper than it looks in this picture.

Donut Falls.
A victorious Elanor up on top.

 I unfortunately could not climb up since I was carrying Alice and she needed to nurse, but Tyler got these pictures for me!

Back at the campsite:

We had some really delicious shrimp tacos for dinner.

Tyler and the girls in the tent.

Alice did really well for being only two months old. She had one crying spell but it was after dinner and not in the middle of the night thankfully. It was a fun little trip!

And finally, here are some recent pictures of Alice:

We sure are loving our pretty little girl.

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