Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The San Juan Islands and Cedric

I do not feel like I have posted much about little trips or things we have been doing lately, so let's delve into this San Juans trip!

I love the San Juan Islands and had been itching to go for awhile, so my sister and I decided to go there and make a trip of it for Cedric's birthday. It was fun to camp with all of our family (minus our brothers)!

We took a late ferry over to Orcas Island (9pm), but it was the most beautiful ferry ride I have ever been on, so it was worth it. It was sunset and the sky was all mauve and pink. There were also some double rainbows. It was one of those moments where one feels like all is right in the world because it was so incredibly beautiful. These pictures do not do it justice at all, and I forgot my camera, so these are just from my phone.

We spent time on Orcas Island hiking, early morning swimming, roasting marshmallows and playing on the beach. It was pretty lovely! I don't have many pictures as my phone died and we did not have cell service anyways.

 Elanor loves her Aunt Jessie.

There was this great tower at the top of Mount Constitution and Elanor had a Rapunzel moment.

Babies on the ferry ride back to the mainland.

With Nan.

We had Cedric's party at Jess and Ricky's house in Bellingham. Jess made this lovely Hummingbird cake by Jamie Oliver.

 Ced loved his cake!

I was so excited about this present! Cedric has these pajamas that have timelord type pocket watches on them and I call him a baby timelord every time he wears them. Ced often repeats words, though they are not in his everyday vocabulary. So, one of those times he repeated timelord and it was the cutest thing. So when I was trying to think of a gift for him, I had pinned a doll on my pinterest a year or more ago and went to the etsy shop where the doll was from. The doll maker will do custom dolls and they are not too expensive either, especially compared to other doll makers on etsy. So, she made this 11th Doctor doll and he turned out so adorable. I went with the 11th Doctor as his clothes would be the cutest on a doll. He also has red suspenders under his jacket. The doll shop is called Roving Ovine, if you're curious and I will probably buy from her again as these dolls are so cute and so well made!

It was a fun little trip and I am so glad we were able to go and celebrate Cedric (and Ricky, as he had a birthday too!).


  1. Tyler's hat is nice. What brand is it? Hope you are doing well.

    1. Dakine. And we super miss you guys! It has been way too long.