Monday, July 11, 2016

Weekly Photos

Oh, you know, late again. I am having the hardest time staying on top of this blog with trips, holidays, family, play practice (that is right, I'm in a play!), and more horrible national news. Whew. But, people keep telling me they love reading this little blog, so I will try and keep at it. 

Here are some Weekly Photos:

Should have been posted June 20th:
Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day to my favorite Tyler!

Should have been posted June 27th:

 We went up to the San Juan Islands and Bellingham to celebrate little Cedric's (my nephew) 1st birthday!

Should have been posted July 4th:

 We had a quick visit with my grandpa, aunt, cousin and her kids. These kids are 3rd cousins or maybe 4th. Their mom is my mom's 1st cousin. The point is that they are cousins.

And for today!:

4th of July fun!

We spent the day swimming in Mema and Papa's pool,  the early evening at a good friend's party, and s'mores and sparklers with my parents to finish off a fun day.

And hopefully you will hear from me soon!

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