Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Weekly Photo(s)

I have so many fairly valid excuses for not blogging (the play, Utah trip, two weddings-one being my brothers, the play again, guests staying at our house), but still I have been fairly pathetic. 

Here is over a months worth of Weekly Photos:

Should have been posted July 25th:

Swimming with Mema

Should have been posted August 1st:

Elanor lost her 1st tooth!

Harry Potter party!! Rowena Ravenclaw, Prof. Quirrell, Hedwig and Hermione.

Should have been posted August 8th:

We went hiking with friends and family the morning before the last show of As You Like It. Also, that play was super fun to do, and was just really good.

Should have been posted on August 15th:

We went on a trip to Utah to visit friends and family. It was soon much fun. I have missed so many of my friends!

Should have been posted August 22nd:
We finished the library summer reading program!

Should have been posted August 29th:

My brother, Ian, married the lovely Kendal!

Should have been posted this past Monday, the 5th:

Hiking in the Gorge.

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