Friday, October 9, 2009

WOOOO!!! We won!!! This means they are going to Nationals!!!

The SVU soccer team had an amazing game on Friday!! They won 4-3 to Averett (whom we recently lost to). It was a super intense game and Candace, Jessica and I were yelling the whole game. It was pretty amazing and everyone rushed the field after the game. I took a few pictures during the game, but had to stop when it got too intense. So, here are few pictures I took. Tyler is in the first one, he is just directly behind Chris (#11).
Tyler and Cisco hugging (?) after Cisco scored his #2 goal out of 3. Nice job Cisco!

Tyler looks like he is stretching... He says he was getting ready to run.

Tyler in action. (I did not actually take this one, I got it off facebook from Karen Walsh's pics)

Sorry the pictures are not great, but the game was and they needed to win this to go to Nationals. Good job boys!!!! They also won their game on Saturday 6-0. Nice.

I will post pictures soon of our adventures with Grandpa and Vonnie!

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