Friday, October 2, 2009

A Quick Update

Tyler has been playing a lot of soccer and I have been working a lot. They won their last game 6-0 and Tyler scored a goal! They just have to win one more game to be invited to Nationals. So,they plan on winning their game next Saturday. They pretty much have it in the bag on Saturday, as they have already beat the team they are playing. Here are a few pictures of Tyler at soccer practice. This guy at school likes to take sports pictures and has been shooting pictures of all the teams. I keep forgetting to bring my camera to his home games, but I promise to bring it to the next one. So here are a few pictures:

Tyler is running for a header at practice.Tyler is number 26 at home games, as the #12 home jersey is ripped. You can sort of see SVU's new turf field in this picture. Cisco is flying...

Tyler is #12 on away games.

Until next time...

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