Saturday, April 23, 2011

Colored Eggs

I love Easter. Dying eggs, baking, tasty food, family, and most importantly taking time to remember Christ.

We began our Easter festivities today with the dying of eggs. It was quite fun and Elanor seemed to enjoy it as well (she liked watching and grabbing!).

 Elanor and I with the 'Elanor' egg I made for her.
 A close-up--- I did this with water colors--
 It takes a lot of concentration.                                           Tyler made her a pink egg...

I am looking forward to going to church tomorrow. I always love church, but I love Easter Sunday's message.   Christ died for our us, so that we can, if we choose, have the capability to return to our Father in Heaven. Christ has given us that chance to repent. The most glorious thing about Easter is that Christ lives, because after death comes life! He was resurrected, and because of Him we will all be resurrected as well. I am so thankful for my (and everyone else's) Savior and for a Heavenly Father that loves me. Isn't Easter wonderful? We have so much to celebrate. Life! That is what we have and life after death because of him! Spring is the most wonderful time to celebrate this because all of those dead trees are coming to life with blossoms and leaves! Winter is over and the promise of summer is in the air--very symbolic of our own journey.

For your Easter Sunday, watch this beautiful video made by the LDS church:

Happy Easter everyone!

More pictures coming after Easter... Oh, here's another video of Elanor: She's just talking to herself :)


  1. Looks like fun! :) So, last night I had a dream that I was watching Elanor, and Tyler was telling me that you two had another baby girl but had to give her up because you were both in school. Then Elizabeth came in and told me her name was Gryffindor... haha

  2. Weird... I like Harry Potter, but not quite enough to name her Gryffindor. Maybe i would name a boy that :)...haha