Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Four Months

Elanor turned four months old on April 10th (my brother, Ian's birthday!). I cannot believe that it has already been four months! Elanor is a lot of fun and we are loving parenthood. She had her doctor's appointment today and is a healthy little baby!

Her stats:
weight: 12lbs 14oz--50th %
height: 24 3/4 in.-- 75th%
head: 15 3/4in.--30th%

A little bit about this four month old:

Elanor is a very social baby. She talks all day to herself or to anyone who will listen. She also likes experimenting with her voice and makes some very high pitched noises. She laughs when I squeeze her legs or kiss her cheeks. It is a pretty funny little laugh. I have tried to record it, but have been unsuccessful thus far. Elanor loves to play on the ground and can roll onto her side, lift her head and chest up pretty high, grab and hold toys, when on her tummy she tries to crawl (she can't go anywhere yet cause she can't lift her upper body), and she can sit up by herself for a little bit (if she is in the right mood) and if on my lap can sit up really well. She has not yet rolled completely over, but has tried to do so unsuccessfully. Elanor is a pretty good sleeper and sleeps for about 12 hours each night, she does tend to wake up a few times but goes right back to sleep. She also loves being outside. If she is upset we go outside and she calms right down. She loves looking at everything outside and touching flowers, leaves and bark. We have a lot of fun on our outdoor adventures. She is a lovely baby and so much fun. We love Elanor.

The doctor gave me an article about feeding babies solids (we are not starting until she is 6 months) and it was very interesting and I felt that it made sense to me. Basically, feed the baby what you eat. It is an interesting article and you can read it here.

Tyler and I are doing great, but the future is a little foggy for us right now. We have graduation on the April 30th and then we are unsure. Tyler has applied to so many jobs. He wants to go to grad school in fisheries or wildlife sciences, but it is pretty difficult to get in and much different than most programs. For one, a professor has to accept you into the program before you can even apply to the school. Which means, there has to be a spot available, the professor has to have enough funding to take on a student, and you somehow have to get to know professors so they will accept you. It has been difficult and we may have been a bit naive to assume we would get into a school on the West Coast. We are now looking at the West in general and Utah might be an option as there are two schools there with programs and it is a fairly central location for the other schools (if he needs to go there for interviews), also Utah has the lowest unemployment in the nation. We still have no idea where we will be going, but preferably a little closer to home.

 We will let you all know our plans as soon as we find out (which will hopefully be soon...)!

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