Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Really Want to Write a Post

Yes, I do. I just don't know what about! I know I should be writing more often and I have been trying, but sometimes I just forget. Terrible... Sorry to all 13 people who read this. Or are there more of you? Sorry, I sometimes just wonder if very many people read this.
Should I tell you what has been on my mind lately?

---I have been thinking about global warming and how it sort of irks me when people talk about it like it is political and so stupid, blah, blah, blah. Why are you considered liberal if you care about the environment? It does not matter too much whether global warming exists or not because the things we are supposed to be doing to stop or at least slow down global warming are all things we should be doing anyway (most of these things are not all that difficult to do, such as recycling). I don't know why people argue about it. It is not political. It is just about: do you want to be a good steward of the earth or not? I am opting for being a good steward for a few reasons: 1. God wants us to take care of his planet, 2. I think this place is pretty awesome and beautiful, 3. I want my kids and future posterity to enjoy it like I do. Yep.

---I have also been thinking about Tyler, my husband, and what a great guy he is. Really, it has been on my mind a lot lately since he is working hard and taking this CNA class and doing clinicals, and also taking time to be a great dad and husband.

---I have been thinking about politics a little bit and how I need to read up more on the coming presidential elections. I want to read this article in the Newsweek Magazine. I am an independent, so I can't vote in the primaries. I think it is great that a LDS guy is running, but I am not sure I would vote for him since I don't really like some things he wants to change about immigration and citizenship. I will probably vote for Obama again because I think he has done a decent job considering what he inherited and I am willing to give him more time. A wise guy once told me (Mike Forkey), that in the future people will look back and say that is would have been impossible for him to succeed in his 1st term because he inherited a war, a huge deficit, and a recession. Think whatever you want, but I think he is trying to be a good president. I think Bush was too, to some extent.

---I apologize, these thoughts have nothing to do with the theme of the blog, so here are a few pictures of Elanor to tide you over.

I do plan on making cupcakes today or tomorrow so maybe I will post about that or I also just re-did this shelf for Elanor's room. Also, Tyler made this bow tie.--------- >
He will be doing a tutorial on this blog on how to make them and there will be a pattern and everything. Be excited. I'm sure you want your husband to look quite dapper.

So look forward to those posts and hopefully you will be spared my musings.

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  1. Elizabeth - I like your random thoughts, it shows more you and more personal part that I don't think many ever get to see. I still cannot get over that Tyler sews and well at that matter.