Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

We had a pretty low key Valentine's Day around here. Tyler got his wisdom teeth taken out early in the morning on Valentine's (because it was the soonest he could get them out). It ended up being really nice to have him around all day and he was not in too much pain. We ate soup and ice cream during the day, lazed around and enjoyed each others company.

Tyler was sweet enough to go to the store the night before and he got me some flowers and a calendar (I really needed one!) and he got Elanor a tiny fishing pole ( I am a little bit skeptical about the whole fishing thing and I am not much of a fan, but oh, well...). I love getting flowers. I know they die in a week and are a bit expensive, but really nothing makes a home feel fresher and prettier than a bouquet of flowers.

I made Tyler a valentine card and I suppose the ice cream and popsicles counted as well. :)
Elanor in the Valentine's pajama's sent by Gran and Grandpa. She had a really cute Valentine's outfit, but I forgot to get pictures!!!
I am so lucky to be married to Tyler. He is really the sweetest and best husband and father. I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day!

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