Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Learning from Daddy

My husband, Tyler, loves to teach Elanor such odd things! It is all pretty adorable and they are so cute together. I feel like a lot of dads probably do this with their little ones as well. Tyler has taught Elanor to put her face in a a bowl or any object that will sort of amplify your voice and yell in it, he taught her to say "whew" any time she put her shoe to her nose, he taught her to say "mmmmm" when she takes a bite and "aaahhhh" after she takes a drink, and lately he has taught Elanor how to kick a soccer ball (as shown in this video).

I think it is so important for kids to have their dads around and involved in their lives. I love for little girls (and older girls too) to have a special relationship with their dad and boys need their dad to be their example.  It would be so hard to be a single mom and I am so impressed with the women who do that. It would be tough. I am so glad I married a guy who loves being a dad. For me (and a lot of other girls I am sure), seeing a guy play with his kids or siblings is so attractive. Tyler has always been so good with kids, which is one of the reasons I love him. I am also thankful that I have such a wonderful dad who has always been good at finding time for his children.  Dads are pretty busy working all day and often have projects and chores and other stuff to do when they are home, so it can be difficult for dads to find time for their children. It is so important for dads to have some on-on-one time with each child.  I loved going on hikes with just my dad. It was extra special and I got him all to myself! Tyler takes time to play with Elanor right when he gets home and they both enjoy their time together. I know she looks forward to Tyler coming home each night.

So point is: Yay for Dads!

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  1. Dad's ARE the best! I love that video of Elanor kicking the soccer ball.. SO cute!