Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When I Grow Up....

I suppose I am grown-up in the sense that don't live at home anymore, I am married (almost 4 years), have a 15 month old baby girl,  and have graduated from college. I  mean grown up in the sense that we are still living in the "one day" mode. Yes, I am throughly happy to be a poor, young, married mom. I think that by having not much now because we are recent college graduates and Tyler is getting ready to go back to school (physician's assistant school) we will appreciate more what we will (hopefully) have later. However, that does not mean I can't dream, right?

I love houses. Not boring suburbia sprawl houses (I know many people don't mind them, they are just not for me). I love old houses. Victorians, Edwardians, Tudors, old farm houses, basically anything built before 1950. I do not plan on buying a house until I find one I want to spend that much money on. So it will be ideal. A fixer upper is fine (actually preferable as Tyler loves doing those sorts of things). I love to look for houses online and Tyler and I enjoy imagining our future home filled with children, food, and plenty of sunlight (no more basements, one window per room apartments). My Grandma loved houses as well and I suppose she sort of fueled my love because almost anytime I went and visited her we went  looking at old houses (plus she lived in a beautiful old house). She moved all the time always looking for the perfect house. I however, plan on finding just one and staying there until I die (hopefully).

Some images come to mind when thinking of this future life such as, fruit trees, berries, a large garden, and some animals (a dog, cat, chickens, maybe a goat or two). This would seem to suggest I would need a decent amount of property.
I also imagine a large, bright kitchen, a big wood table and wood floors. Mind you this is all dreaming, if this does all come true than I will let you know. 

While dreaming is fun and I highly encourage it (what is life without dreaming?!?!), the thing is I do like where I am right now in life. It is so important to stay positive, even if it will be  5 or 6 years before we can even start living like...well, I don't know who... but the dream-life: a house, yard, family, pets, a little more money than we have now so we can travel and be able to enroll our kids in ballet, or art, or sports. I do have the important thing right now: family. I could not be more happy with the man I chose to marry and the baby we were blessed with.


  1. You may be jealous of our house, but I'm jealous of your baby. Haha. Someday, I hope.

  2. I love that house! Haha.. I'm always showing Tyler pictures of things I like for our future home.. like ten years down the road.. after law school, paying off law school, getting established somewhere. But It is fun to be a poor married student with a cute baby :) Wouldn't change a thing!

    1. I agree with you. I love where we are right now!