Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zion National Park

As I said in the last post, my parents and brothers came to visit for their Spring Break. We went down to Zion National Park for part of the week. Zion was absolutely beautiful. It was more than beautiful, it was epic, majestic and felt a lot like Disneyland (the Thunder Mountain Railroad area). It was so awe-inspiring that it did not feel completely real (the Disneyland effect). I loved it and I want to go back there and explore some more. We went on three beautiful hikes and my brothers and Dad were able to go on a few more adventures when Elanor was napping. We camped for two nights and stayed in a motel on the third. Sleeping in a tent with Elanor was not the greatest, so we definitely need to expose her to it more often. I have so many pictures (some are my Dad's and Erik's) from only a four day period of time.

The best way to show Zion is through these pictures, rather than through my rather weak script.

Without further ado........

here is Zion.

1st day quickie hike:

2nd day Emerald Pools hike:

3rd day Angel's Landing hike:

photo credit: my Dad

photo credit: my Dad

Next few photos taken by Erik:

 photo credit: my dad


 Elanor would go and pick up gravel over by the tents put it on the bench of the picnic table and then wipe it off. She did this over and over again for about 30 minutes. Crazy, cute little girl.
 Our new tent in the background. Pretty sweet, eh?
 Photo by my dad of the rocks surrounding the campground

 Rockstar Elanor, photo by Erik

 View from the motel, photo by my dad

Trying to get family pictures:

Kolob Canyon:

We also went and saw Kolob Canyon, which was in a different part of the park. It was a little higher up, so there was still some snow. I want to come back to this area and backpack. So beautiful.

We also went down to St. George to see the temple.

 It was gorgeous and so white.
 Giving Uncle Ian a squeeze.
 Smelling a flower

 It was an amazing trip and I am so glad my parents came down to visit. The only thing that would have made it better was if Tyler could have come. He had work and I feel so bad that he was not able to make it. He would have loved it. We will have to go back again sometime soon!

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