Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Want Fall.

The trees are turning colors up in the mountains but down in the Salt Lake Valley it is still decidedly summer. Yes, the mornings and evening are chillier and it does only reach the 80s (versus the 90s or 100s) midday, but I still want fall. I want sweaters, hot chocolate, tights, hats, leaves, scarves, pumpkins, and boots. I know it is still September and fall will be here soon, but I suppose I just want it to happen a tad bit faster. I am not saying it needs to be cold, just a little chilly (cold enough for a sweater). 

Fall turning into winter (as in Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas time) is my favorite time of the year. I love the food, the clothes, the weather, everything. 

However, since it is not quite fall yet we have still been playing in the sand box a ton.
 With these two cuties:
Micah and Grey

It is awesome that our new upstairs neighbors have kids! It is great that Elanor has some playmates on an almost daily basis. She loves and needs to be around kids to learn about sharing and space, etc.

They were being so silly here. Grey was putting his foot on Elanor and everyone seemed to think it was hilarious! 
Pushing Micah around in the wagon thing. 

No one is smiling here and it is a bit blurry, but it is still a cute picture! 

 Summer, you have been fun----but please move over and let fall in.


  1. Oh my gosh, these pictures are so cute! I love that they're all laughing at each other! You guys are seriously the perfect neighbors for us. It's a good deal all around!

  2. Thanks! We love having you as neighbors!