Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Fun



Did I mention Elanor loves water and is not scared of it in the least? She dives, literally dives, into this little kiddie pool and scares away other little children with her exuberant and wild behavior. She even scares me a bit, since the pool is so shallow. She loves "diving" and will do it over and over and each time saying (and also wants me to say), "Ready, set, go!".

Here are a few more great shots:

 Elanor with her friend Eli:
They were talking about how the water was dirty (grass, sand, etc.).

Eli, Elanor and Grey
(I think...he is one of the twins and I can't tell them apart quite yet, sorry...)

Oh, and guess what?! We have new neighbors upstairs! They are a super awesome couple with adorable twin boys, who are only a few months younger than Elanor. It has been super fun to play with them! They seem like the sort of people we would be friends with, so we are excited.

Oh, and I promise there will be a recipe up this week! I have not been feeling too well lately (mostly due to my anemia), but I am filling my body up with iron rich foods, so I have been feeling a lot better--thus there will be more posts.


  1. haha, I love it. These pictures are hilarious. She is so brave, and she looks so cute. :)

    1. She is a crazy one! need to update you blog...hint, hint.